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What is Shiatsu?

A Shiatsu massage supports and strengthens the body's natural ability to heal and balance itself, treating the physical body as well as the psychological, the emotional, and the spiritual aspects of being.

Shiatsu originated from the work of a Buddhist monk in 6th century Japan, using methods integral to traditional Chinese medicine. In the early part of the 20th century, a practitioner known as Tamai Temaku incorporated the newer Western sciences of anatomy, physiology, physiotherapy, and chiropractic manipulations into several older methods of treatment. He originally called his method Shiatsu Ryoho, or finger pressure way of healing, and then it was changed to Shiatsu Ho, or finger pressure method. Now known simply as Shiatsu, the method was officially recognised as a therapy by the Japanese Government in 1964, distinguishing it from all other methods of massage.

A Shiatsu practitioner will use touch and manipulative techniques to adjust the body and balance the energy flow through meridians, or energy channels, in the body. A Shiatsu massage is a deeply relaxing experience and regular treatments can alleviate stress and illness, maintaining health and well-being.

There are many styles of Shiatsu and the techniques are still evolving. I work with a Five Element approach to the traditional meridians with a focus on acupressure points, along with energy movement techniques and tissue manipulation. The massage is done with the client being fully clothed and takes place on either a futon on the floor or a massage chair. The treatments can even be given to someone in a wheelchair or a hospital bed. The beauty of Shiatsu is that there are ways of projecting the healing to the whole of the body, even if most of the body is inaccessible, so absolutely anyone can receive a treatment.

Shiatsu can offer support to those who are ill, as well as those who are the fittest athletes. It provides an increased sense of well-being, even for those who are terminally ill. Shiatsu is also safe and supportive during and after pregnancy.

Shiatsu uses the same meridians as acupuncture, but differs in that the meridians are worked as a whole, instead of as isolated points. Shiatsu diagnosis is holistic and takes into account what the client says, physical appearance, and touch. Diagnosis is done at the beginning of a session, using gentle palpation, a diagnostic touch, of the abdomen, referred to as the Hara. This is an unprotected area, so subtle energy differences can be identified. I generally work down the back and legs first, followed by meridian work as directed by client information and Hara diagnosis. At some point in the massage, I work on the feet and may do stretching or pulling manipulations on the limbs and back. I finish the treatment with a head massage, which not only feels good, but it also works a number of meridians together.

Shiatsu is a collaboration between the practitioner and the client's body, shifting energy around the body in such a way that tension is relieved and weak areas are supported. It is almost impossible for Shiatsu to have harmful effects, but occasionally a new client may have healing reactions, as the toxins released during the treatment work through the body and are removed. These usually pass within 12 hours at most. Drink plenty of water and rest. Let your body heal.

Shiatsu is complementary to mainstream Western medicine and works profoundly well to increase well-being while going through the Western medicine treatments for cancer, anxiety, or anything else that may require medical attention. Illness and disease are caused by a disharmony of energy in the body. Helping the body become energetically balanced allows for optimal function of the entire body, making us feel and perform at our best. An aspect unique to Shiatsu is that it can work as a self-development therapy. With regular treatments, you learn more about the way your body works, or copes, and how your thoughts and emotions are reflected in your body. You will find that you become sensitive to subtle energetic changes in your body. Instead of 'powering through' life and its pain, you can listen to your body and learn to take care of it before it becomes damaged.

In my practice, I respect a person's choices, lifestyles, and space. I am here to help, but I will not judge or intrude. I can give advice on diet, exercise, living in the now, and self confidence, but it is not my role to tell you that you must do these things. It is your life, after all. I can offer advice and support. I've even been known to do some cheerleading when the need arises.

Shiatsu for Athletes

One benefit of regular Shiatsu massage, after a workout or sporting event, is that it feels incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating, but the treatment also eases tissue inflammation, reduces pain and improves blood flow to the muscles. It encourages recovery from injury by reducing cellular stress at the injury location, reducing inflammation and promoting the production of new energy-producing mitochondria (J.D. Crane et al, Science Translational Medicine, 2012, Vol. 4, issue 119). Vigorous muscle action causes small tears in the muscle tissue, leading to an immune reaction (inflammation), which is the body's repair response. In the study above, the researchers found that massage reduced the production of cytokines, the levels of which trigger inflammation, and increased the number of mitochondria in the tissue, allowing for an increased metabolic activity in the cells. With a Shiatsu treatment, inflammation is naturally suppressed and tissue recovery enhanced, all while you enjoy the emotional and physical relaxation of a healing massage.

Unwind, rebalance, heal, and move more fluidly. Give your body the healing to reach the next level of performance, the relaxation to rest completely, and time to slow down those busy thoughts and worries in your head.

Give your body a regular Shiatsu treatment and discover the difference.

I am happy to be in attendance at sporting events for pre and post-activity treatments, but there may be an additional charge, depending on length of time and travel required.

Celtic Reiki

Reiki simply means energy; the energy all around us, the energy of the universe, and the energy of everyday miracles. The energy is channelled through an attuned practitioner's hands, often making them feel warm, into the recipient through a gentle touch. The energy will go where it is needed and does not require specific guidance. Reiki has become a fashionable word and is often used as a term for a separate healing system. I feel that it is a general term for using a channel of Universal energy. Ancient cultures used the same energy, healing with their hands and felt, and as I do today, that the energy is sacred. There are many flavours of Reiki, each embellished slightly with the culture in which it is used, but the energy remains that which comes from the Universe; pure and healing.

Celtic Reiki is channeled up from the Base chakra instead of coming down from the Crown chakra, as is felt in Usui Reiki. It feels very grounding and nurturing, with an Earth energy feel to it. There is a direct connection to trees, which provide a safe forest in which to rest and heal. Celtic Reiki can be used to heal one's self, others, plants, animals, and our Earth.

I was attuned years ago with both Usui and Celtic Reiki symbols by my Reiki Master, Laura Carpenter. She remains a dear friend and I always treasure her guidance and lovely smile.

About Me

I think we all have hardships in our lives and I don't think that my difficult times are any worse than anyone else's. Hard times are part of life and when we get through them, our path in this life feels a bit more blessed. It's the good times, the laughter that doesn't stop until you are streaming tears and about to pee yourself, the smiles of happiness you can't hold back, and even those moments when you witness something so beautiful that you can't find the words to describe it. Those are the moments to focus on and to remember, even though the people who shared it with you may be gone or the circumstances never to repeat. Always see the positive, the potential, and the joy in every part of every day. We are all very blessed, but sometimes we just can't see it.

The difficult times in my life have always seemed to be like corners in a hallway that take me in an entirely different direction. The late-stage 3 cancer opened my eyes to how good life could be, teaching me to stop putting things off and to use the good silverware every day. I'm doing things now that I never imagined I could do; writing a novel, training for competitive deadlifting, and even starting this business! My 'unresolved chemo-brain' changed my ability to think in complex ways, as I used to do as a scientist and analyst, but it opened up the ability to be sensitive to energy in a way I had never experienced before. It also helped me discover my creativity, allowing me to express myself in many mediums. More recently, the loss of my beloved partner, Iain, has made me turn another corner, to face life alone, but not lonely. I have realised how much strength and emotional healing he gave me in our years together, which I thank him for every day. I have also discovered how much the people closest to me are absolute treasures. They are the shiny diamonds that sparkle in the sun and make my life full of joy.

I live a quiet life, surrounded by books, rescued plants, my art paraphernalia, and my two cats, who consider me to be terribly inadequate staff.

Bear and Sparrow

I work with Bear energy and Bear has been with me since I was a very small child. He's huge, grumpy, and probably smells, but you can't be choosey when a spirit animal chooses you. He used to absolutely terrify me when I was 5 or 6, in what I thought were nightmares, but as I grew I came to understand and trust his presence. Bear rarely intrudes, but he has come forward in times when I was too frightened or confused to react and, in recent years, when I am struggling with a treatment. He allows me to see deeper into a treatment, finding a source or attachment that needs to be changed or removed. My logo was designed in the Pictish art style by my wonderfully gifted sister, Kelsey Henderson, from a photo of the Scatness Bear. The carved bear tablet, which is in the Shetland Museum in Lerwick, is the only bear symbol found to date in Pictish art. He is drawn in the Five Element Earth colours of brown, yellow, and orange.

The little sparrow above the bear is very special to me. My Iain didn't understand or believe in the healing power of Shiatsu, so he resisted my offers to work on him. When his cancer forced him into a hospital bed, here at our home, he finally allowed me to help him. During one of these treatments, his eyes went wide and he held up his thumb to me. He said that a sparrow had just flown out of his thumb and he didn't know what that meant. He was afraid that I wouldn't believe him and was relieved when I told him that I did. I told him I didn't know why he was given the sparrow, but that it was a blessing just for him. I do believe that the little sparrow gave him a message and I have always felt honoured to have been present at that moment. We talked a lot about his sparrow after that and I like to think that his sparrow came to be with him when his pain ended.


Dee has treated my husband and myself on many occasions. She treated me for Tennis elbow, sciatica, leg joint pain and even just relaxation massages. My husband, by his own admission, was a little sceptical as whether the treatment would work. After every treatment, he felt improvement in his leg joints and found himself relaxed and rejuvenated. My husband would now not hesitate to call Dee if ever needed treatment again. I myself had no such doubts. Dee's voice and lovely calm, caring nature was enough to put me at ease right away. After weeks of not being able to straighten my arm, 2 treatments from Dee and my arm was as straight as new. Even my physiotherapist recommended that I keep seeing Dee! Dee is very calming and highly professional and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone!
Irene Simpson

Dee introduced me to Shiatsu, initially with a niggle in my shoulder from resistance training. She literally solved the problem there and then. It was a shocked at how easy she made it look to be honest! After that I was positive I would use her during my prep for my first bodybuilding competition, for not only relaxation but also for maintaining injury free training sessions. It worked wonders, even helped me sleep when I would struggle with stress. Couldn't recommend Dee enough!
Sam Milne - Personal Trainer

I have always been active and interested in sport and nutrition and in my younger days I was a gymnast and a dancer. With this background, I was educated about the importance of recovery and was well aware of the implications that injuries can have on performance. I am now a body builder and now more than ever, really feel that recovery and prevention of injury should play a massive part in athletes lives. Dee introduced me to Shiatsu when I was preparing for my first Bikini Show and although I never had any injuries as such, the Shiatsu experience helps me really relax and switch off, giving my body the time it needs to recover and repair. Dee has a great manner in delivering Shiatsu and I always feel like I'm floating after my session with her!
Francesca Daniela - Competitive Bodybuilder

I had never had a Shiatsu massage before, so I didnít know what to expect. I didnít realise how stressed I was and how much my body needed it until I started getting the massages regularly. Now my body tells me when I need it. Deeís touch is amazing and now Iíve found relaxation on a whole new level.
Louise Torrance - Senior Charge Nurse

Pricing and Contact

Shiatsu treatment - 1 hour: £40
Shiatsu treatment for children 13 and under - 30 min: £20
Reiki treatment - 30 min: £20

Available for regularly scheduled appointments, out of hours appointments for shift workers, and home visits in Aberdeen. Please contact me for visits needed outside of Aberdeen, as there may be a travel charge.

Clinic appointments are available from 12-4pm on Tuesdays at the Aberdeen Wellbeing Centre, across from the side door of Marks and Spencer's on Union Street, Aberdeen.

Regularly scheduled half-day or full day blocks are available at a discounted rate for businesses in the Aberdeen area.

I will be starting clinic hours during the first Friday and Saturday of each month at the Shetland Therapy Rooms in the Toll Clock Shopping Centre, Lerwick, Shetland, in February 2017.

Payments can be made in cash, debit card, Visa, and MasterCard.

Book today and experience relaxation on a Whole new level!

Dee Henderson-Haefner, PhD MRSS
Aberdeen, Scotland
Mobile: 07482 721933
Facebook Page: Earth Touch Shiatsu


Local Support

I would like to share contact details for a few local businesses and charities that I can personally say are absolutely amazing. Please give these hardworking people your custom and extra pennies.
(In alphabetical order):
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Aberdeen Wellbeing Centre
Ardene House Veterinary Practice
Be Free
Belvidere Gallery
Carriage Driving for the Disabled
CLAN Cancer Support
Embrace Hair and Beauty Salon
Erinvale Cattery
IMF Technical Services, NDT inspections
Kathleen Powderly Acupuncture
Maria Popovicova, Sports Massage
Mesomorphic Software Development
Military Fitness
Mistletoe for Cancer
Moray Hillson, Personal Trainer and Forever products distributor
Rosemount Centre, Holistic Health Clinic
Royal Navy Association
Sam Milne, Personal Trainer
Strathorn Farm Stables
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